European Gwent Collective

The “EGC” European Gwent Collective, EGC. it was founded from some of the most relevant teams and communities of Gwent.


EGC is committed to promote gwent on a European level with events such as LAN parties or different kind of competitions. At this moment the members of the European Gwent Collective are: Team Rankstar, Team Nova, Team Leviathan Gaming, Team Aretuza, ESC Card Gaming, Lodge of Sorceresses, Claymore, MyEsports, Gwent League, Gwent FR, Gwent ESP, together with streaming personalities such as Mcbeard, Freddybabes, Beeboboop.


The event that will kickstart EGC will be European Gwent Cup, a tournament circuit culminating in a LAN party at this year’s Lucca Comics & Games (30/10 to 2/11). The tournament circuit will run for 8 dates, 7 of which are tournaments and the 6th is the qualifier that will decide the participants of the LAN. The tournaments will either be organised by the single parties that form EGC, or by the group as a whole. The circuit starts at the end of July, the qualifier will take place on the 6th of October. Moreover, the circuit will be complemented by a League format that will start around the 20th of July until the end of september. The qualifier will be a top 16 tournament, with 7 participants being the winners of the previous tournaments, 5 players taken from a global ranking of the circuit, 4 players from the Gwent League.


The LAN, for now, will be comprised of the 2 finalists of the qualifier. The prizepool of the LAN is 1000€, on top we have partnership deals with Vinicum.

At this moment the whole event has been funded by ESC Card Gaming, by purchasing the panel spots at Lucca Comics, refunding the flights and hotel stays of the LAN participants and for the monetary prize pool.