[ITA] Finali Top6 European Gwent Cup @ Lucca Comics and Games 2019
29 Ottobre 2019
Eco Mistica Armonia per Neofiti! – Calupama
2 Dicembre 2019

[ENG] Top 6 Finals European Gwent Cup @ Lucca Comics and Games 2019

This year, at Lucca Comics and Games 2019, ESC Card Gaming is honored to host live the Top 6 finals of the championship organized by the European Gwent Collective which includes the major Gwent’s teams and communities: Team Rankstar, Team Nova, Team Leviathan Gaming , Team Aretuza, Legacy Team, ESC Card Gaming, Lodge of Sorceresses, Claymore, MyEsports, Gwent League, Gwent FR, Gwent ESP.

The EGC tournament circuit started at the end of July, with 7 tournaments organized each week by the individual teams plus the complementary Gwent League.

In each tournament the top finishers earned a place for the October qualifier, and together with the highest players in the global ranking, with points accumulated throughout all the circuit, they formed the Top 32.

Played on 6 and 7 October, the Top 32 qualifier led to a Top 16 in day 2, finally determining the 6 players invited to Lucca to play the finals live.

Thanks to our partnership with Vinicum, the total prize money of the tournament is 1000€ (500€ first place, 300€ second and 200€ third) plus other prizes kindly offered by CD Projekt RED which contributed to the realization of the event.

Top 6

Let’s know better our Top 6 players qualified to live event!

Santtu2x is a 21-year-old economics student from Finland, playing for Team Aretuza. He first started Gwent during the Closed Beta, but only started playing at a competitive level in early 2018. In addition to finishing in top 20 of pro ladder several times, he has also reached good results in community tournaments. He often tries to gain an advantage by using unique decks tailored to beat some of the more popular lists. He has no proper preference about favourite faction, but if he had to choose one he would pick Syndicate.

Andi99: “My name is Andrian but you can call me Andi. I am half German and half Brazilian and I live in Cologne, Germany. I have been playing Gwent since the Closed Beta (never very competitively though). I am the first member of Team Legacy and they help me to improve and get better at the game. My favourite faction right now is Nilfgaard, not because of the identity (it has none) but because of the amazing voice lines and art.”

Kolemoen: “I am from Berlin, Germany. I started playing Gwent the first time after Lifecoach made his video about switching from Hearthstone to Gwent . The first tournament I played in was Gwent Challenger #2 where I qualified to via the online qualifier. Since then I have played in 4 opens and 3 more Challengers. After the last Open in march I joined Team Aretuza. My favourite faction at the moment is Syndicate.

NingunoSirve: “I am from Spain and I play for Team Nova right now. My favourite faction is and has always been Scoiatel. I don’t really have a “competitive career” but I’ve been playing tournaments since Beta and always done decent.”

Pajabol: “I am a polish player for Team Leviathan Gaming. My favorite faction changes every month depending which deck is the funniest to play, but lore wise I like Northern Realms the most. I started playing Gwent on June 2018 casually and since the new year started I have been taking part regularly in community tournaments, winning quite a few of them (2x GEP, ESC championship, Gwent League season 7, TN tournament and EGC qualifiers). I never had a chance to take part in qualifiers to masters event, so that’s an open field for me.”

CintrianLion is an aspiring competitive Gwent player from a small town in Russia, who has been following the game since day 1 of open beta. When it comes to gameplay, he would describe himself as a player always looking to catch opponents by surprise with no units decks.

Live tournament at Lucca Comics&Games

LAN tournament details:

  • 1 vs 1,
  • Best of 5,

  • Single elimination,

  • Conquest format (4 decks belonging to 4 different factions, if you win with one deck, you can’t use it anymore until the end of the match);

  • Open decklist


CintrianLion vs [TN] NingunoSirve

[TA] Santtu2x vs [LGC] Andi99

[TLG] Pajabol and [TA] Kolemoen have direct access to semifinals thanks to their 1st and 2nd place at qualifiers.

On day 1 will be played the quarterfinals and, if there is enough time, the first semifinal.
On day 2 there’ll be the second semifinal, the third place final and the final.

Streaming coverage

We are honoured to announce that the main English commentary of the tournament will be made by Spyro_ZA, streamer and Gwent Partner, and by Trynet, streamer, Gwent Partner and Ambassador of the Syndicate faction.
You can follow their live commentary on November 1st and 2nd from 10.30am CET on Spyro’s Twitch channel.

Follow us on Instagram where we will be very active through Stories!

A special thanks to all EGC teams and to our sponsors who have allowed all this live event!

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