ESC Tavern Brawl
4 Febbraio 2021
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5 Febbraio 2021

ESC Tavern Brawl ENG

About the tournament:

ESC Gwent Tavern Brawl — “Gwent: The Witcher Card Game”

Tournament Link:

With this ESC Tavern Brawl ENG we would like to give a possibility to novices and veterans alike to play in a tournament, meeting other players and getting used to a tournament format, in a friendly and enjoyable environment.

The format is 1v1, Best of 3, Single Elimination.

Matches format is Conquest;

Rewards of ESC Gwent Tavern Brawl ENG

1. Place: 1200 meteoric powder and 15 premium kegs

2. Place: 800 meteoric powder and 10 premium kegs

3. Place: 400 meteoric powder and 5 premium kegs


Our discord server “ESC Card Gaming” it’s the main place where you can communicate directly with us and the other players.

Discord “ESC Card Gaming”:

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

1. Generals:

1.1. Admin (Organizator):

Organizators (Admin):

  • ESC SirLothian#4302

  • Movius#8965

  • Respect admins and moderators, they are available for your answers and doubts, or for any help.

  • In case of disputes, moderator will have the last say.

Communication between players and moderators must be done through direct messages or on the dedicated channel on discord #chat on ESC Gwent Tavern Brawl ENG.

1.2. Streams and recordings:

  •   It’s allowed to stream/register yours or other players games.

    Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

2. Terms & Conditions:

2.1. Ruleset:

  • Respect the ruleset, in case of any doubt admins will have the last word. For any problem ask directly to an admin of the tournament, we’ll try to solve everything.

2.2. Conditions to partecipate:

  • Every player must be present on the discord of ESC Card Gaming.

  • Players must have a profile on Challonge.

  • If possible, use the same nickname on both challonge and discord, to be more easily recognizable.

  • It’s not mandatory, but we suggest to take screenshot of your games, in case there is any dispute on the result of a match.

  • Players will have 10 minutes to challenge their opponent at the start of every round.

  • Only the players who made the check-in can participate in the tournament.

(N.B.: Check-in is different from registration, it is a confirm of partecipation, and it happens one hour before the tournaments).

  • Every player MUST do the check-in.

Check-in starts one hour before the tournament.

Player nationality: tournament is open to every nationality, although if you’re not italian it’s required a basic knowledge of English language.

2.3. Sanctions:

  •  Players which break the rules and or disrespect other players and/or moderators will be disqualified, at least.

2.4. No-shows and Forfeits:

  • If a player want to drop or retire from the tournament, he must communicate that to an admin.

  • If after 10 minutes from the start of the match the opponent didn’t show up, the present player will achieve a 1-0, which will become a 2-0 after further 10 minutes.

2.5. Disconnections / Problems:

  • If there are problems of any nature the game will be replayed, if the result wasn’t mathematically decided.

  • If problems persists, report to a moderator.

2.6. Bugs & Glitches abuse:

  • It’s not allowed to get advantage of bugs and glitches, sanction will be a permanent ban.

  • If you think your opponent is abusing of bugs, take a screenshot and report to a moderator.

    Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

3. Tournament “ESC Tavern Brawl“:

3.1. Tournament Format:

  • The tournament format is Single Elimination.

  • The match format is Conquest.

  • When a player wins with a deck, it can’t be played anymore for that series, while players can replay a deck when they lose with it.

  • Match format is Best of 3, with one ban.

We expect Fair Play from ALL the partecipants.


If the game ends in a tie, the game will be replayed with same leader and coin.

If the tie persists, a 1-1 will be assigned to both player.

3.2. Deck Format & Match Format:

  • Players will bring to the tournament 3 decks from 3 different factions.

  • Trough each player will ban one deck between the opponent ones.

  • Players must then challenge their opponent on Gwent, with the first player decided by the pick and ban tool, and then proceeding alternating. N.B. We remember you that the players who invites the opponent on Gwent goes always first.

  • Players can’t replay with decks they have already won with, but they can replay with the decks they have lost.

  • To win a match a player must win 2 games out of 3, one win with each deck available after the ban.

3.3. Reporting the results:

  • Players can report their own results directly on challonge.

  • In case of problems, players can also post their results in #results on Discord under ESC Gwent Tavern Brawl section, and a moderator will update them.

  • It’s possible to ask to a moderator to adjust a result if reported incorrectly, in this case we suggest again to take screenshot of your games, to prove your victory in case of disputes.

    Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

4. Accepting the ruleset, terms&conditions:

Signing up and playing in this tournaments every player accept all the rules, terms and conditions written in this ruleset.

The organization keeps the possibility of changing any rules, of course after notifying the players.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

5. Important links and how to find us:


Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

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