Faccia a Faccia con un Pro: Tailbot
31 Marzo 2021
Face to Face with a Pro: Pajabol
7 Aprile 2021

Face to Face with a Pro: Tailbot


ESC is pleased to present a new column, entitled “Face to Face with a Pro: Tailbot“, a clear reference to a famous song by Daft Punk. During this series Fritzdecat will interview some of the most famous Top Players in the competitive landscape of Gwent. The questions will revolve around some curiosities relating to the game mechanics themselves, will contain useful advice to the many players who follow us, and some will also try to highlight the human side that lies behind the player in question. We want to introduce you to those faces that are making the history of the game.

The first guest in this column is Tailbot. You all know the fame of this Polish player, Damian is an extraordinary player, who has achieved incredible results both in Ladder and in the official and most important tournaments of Gwent. Winner of several Qualifiers and Open, an important stage of a spectacular competition like Gwent Masters: Tailbot is a backbone of the game, a source of inspiration for many of us. His playstyle is impeccable, Damian is able to develop his idea of gameplay without letting himself be influenced by the most common opinion.
Behind this great player hides an extraordinary person, nice and very helpful towards all those who follow him. On the rare occasions that he is in Live he is always very kind in answering the questions that are asked, when he is contacted in private for advice he is always willing to answer. Tailbot fully represents the spirit of the Gwent Community, based on solidarity between players and sportsmanship. A truly splendid boy, a unique face in the Gwent landscape.

Enjoy this first interview in the column Face to Face with a Pro: Tailbot !


Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Q1: Looking at the latest expansion and the recent Patch Notes, are you satisfied with the current status of Gwent’s Meta?

It’s not that easy to tell at the beginning of the season but I’m optimistic about current state of the meta.

Q2: Do you think that a mechanic like Madoc’s is healthy for the gameplay state of the game? Plus, in general, do you find the designer’s choice to push mechanics like the No Unit ones correct?

I don’t have any problems with Madoc. In general I would prefer if he was a tiny bit weaker and bombs slightly better. I think pushing no-unit mechanics is a mistake but Madoc is not really doing that in significant way.

Q3: Do you feel like giving some advices to the players who are recently approaching the competitive side of Gwent?

Just try play as much as you can without sacrifacing your performance. The more you do something the better you get at it and Gwent is no exception.

Q4: You must know that you still are one of most known player in the competitive world of the game, how do you relate to your fan base?

It’s kinda weird that I have any fans at all but it’s always a nice feeling to see people cheer for me and wish me best in tournaments. I also have to say that it feels a bit bad when I’m not streaming and not interacting with community as much as I could.

Q5: One of your main skill as a player is the ability to think deeply and to get the most value out of any hand at your disposal. But, which skills do you think matter the most for a competitive player to achieve a significant quality improvement in his game-play?

Game knowledge is obviously very important. You need to know your match-ups to make correct macro decisions. You get better at it the more you play and when you analize your games.
It’s also important to have good “calculating power” If I can call it like that. That refers to being able to go through all the lines of play faster than others, keeping all the stuff you need to play around in your head at all times, plan ahead, and stuff like that.

Q6:  How do you prepare for a big competition? Would you share some of your secrets? How do you start building your lineup? How do you test for it?

Usually I just look at the decks I like in current meta and then try to build a lineup around them. I can also come up with specific decks made for tournament but it’s not that common.
Then I test those decks by playing against myself or versus some of my teammates.

Q7: Most players complain about the Blue Coin problem, considering it the main cause of the bad state of the game.
What is your thought about it? Do you think it’s really that relevant in a game like Gwent?

I think coin balance is in a decent spot right now and quite a lot of decks actually prefer to go first. As history showed it can be very revelant in Gwent.

Q8: Do you like Italy? In our country you are very much appreciated and there are many Italians who cheer for you in every Gwent competitions.

I’ve never been to Italy or talked to an italian person but I have to say I apprieciate very much the country for it’s history and also cousine.

Q9: What do you think about the game?  Is the design missing something right now?

I think that the power gap between low end and high end provision cards is still too much.

Q10: Is there a match or a tournament series that impressed you particularly?

Nothing really comes to my mind at the moment so I guess not.

Q11: What do you do to make yourself relaxed when you are not playing Gwent?

I tend to make a lot breaks in between games when I play to relax and reset my mind a bit. Usually I just watch something or play an instrument.

This concludes this first interview of the column Face to Face with a Pro: Tailbot .


Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

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