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23 Gennaio 2021
Come raggiungere la Pro Rank: 5 consigli
Come raggiungere la Pro Rank: 5 consigli
27 Gennaio 2021

How to reach pro rank: 5 tips by Ci_87

How to reach pro rank: 5 tips

How to reach Pro Rank: 5 tips by Ci_87

Here are for you 5 useful tips to get to Pro Rank on Gwent directly from our Ci_87, one of the best competitive players of ESC Card Gaming team!

1) How long do I need to play each day to get to Pro Rank?

Obviously the more time you spend playing the game, the easier it is to reach Pro Rank. However, we need to know if our state of mind allows us to play to the best of our ability. If we understand that we are nervous or listless, it is better to take a break and come back playing later.

2) Is it worth focusing on one faction or learning to play them all?

Starting from Rank 3, it is better to use a faction we don’t want to push in MMR with, since we would waste the potential MMR gained in placement matches. So, it is generally better to focus on one faction during the final climb. Although it is not totally wrong to play all the factions, it is still less the less recommendable option.

3) How should I approach rounds based on the faction I play?

The real difference lies in approaching the round according to your opponent and your coin rather than to the deck we are using. Therefore, knowing the meta decks that we may encounter becomes essential to manage the approach to the games.

4) How can I manage the anxiety of climbing in Pro Rank?

Gwent helps to lessen the anxiety outside the Pro Ladder as you can’t downgrade from a Rank once you reach it. The last matches are obviously the most mentally delicate because we see the goal close, but this should not affect us and for this reason it is better to think of that games as if they were common ones. As mentioned, if we realize that we are tired and perhaps not very concentrated it is better to postpone them until we feel more ready and relaxed.

5) I am one step away from Pro Rank but my deck is no longer performing, what can I do?

The meta changes constantly, what flies like the wind today will struggle tomorrow. The first thing to do is to understand which are the most common match-ups we face and: either insert tech cards to face them with an advantage or choose a more performing deck against those match-ups. Being stubborn in playing a deck by force never rewards you, so you want to take your time, analyze your plays and above all those of your opponents. Then you have to try to understand why your deck is not working, apply some changes, and only then you can resume climbing.

Authors: Ci_87 and TeoFontHub

We added “How to reach pro rank: 5 tips” to our ESChool, a general Gwent guide!

How to reach pro rank: 5 tips by Ci_87


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