Regolamento Torneo Casinova Lights
16 Agosto 2020
Guida Fame Irrefrenabile by Invictatop95
20 Agosto 2020

Rules of Tourney Casinova Lights



August 23: Italian community only
August 30: Open to everyone


14:00 CEST: start check-in
15:00 CEST: end of check-in and after a few minutes beginning of the tournament.

Requirements in order to participate:

To register, each player must enter the ESC discord server, have a valid gog profile, and have the last patch of the game installed.
The tournament will be hosted on the new CDPR tournament platform.
The link to the sign-ups will be provided in the ESC discord server on the 17th of August, and we’ll be available till the midnight of the 22th for the italian date, and until the midnight of the 29th for the international one.
Each participant must be present on the ESC discord server at the time of the start of the tournament, if you won’t be in for the start of the tournament it will be considered as a forfeit.
The discord server will be used for all communications, both between players and moderators, so it is highly recommended to keep an eye on the chat during the tournament.
In addition, one hour before there will be a check-in, player who have already signed up will have one hour to check-in on the playgwent tournament page in order to confirm their presence, not checking-in by the time limit will result in an elimination.

Link to the server:

Tournament format:

The tournament format will be in single elimination, meaning once a player is defeated he/she is eliminated from the tournament itself.
The matches will be generated randomly and the link to the bracket will always be provided via discord just before the start of the tournament, and will be available for all the time.
The list are closed, so the opponents won’t know the list of the other player.

Match format:

The match format is best of 1, meaning each player brings a deck, and the first player to win a match is the winner.
Whoever plays first or second will be decided randomly at the beginning of the match.

Special Rules:

Each deck must contain both the Master Mirror card and the Ciri Nova card (The requirements for Ciri Nova effect must be respected).
In addition, the cards: Invocation of Yennefer and Assire Von Anhaid are banned.
Anyone who does not respect these rules will be eliminated from the tournament, in case your opponent plays one of the banned cards it is recommended to take a screenshot of the game, in order to avoid disputes.


1. 1200 powder + 15 premium kegs
2. 800 powder + 10 premium kegs
3. 400 + 5 premium kegs.

Organizers and moderators:

For any doubts regarding the tournament, contact the organizer [ESC] Movius # 8965 on discord, or one of the moderators:

[ESC] Giordaniko # 1938

[ESC] Fritzdecat # 6835

Ghostbones # 9915

We thank CDPR for the prizes and support shown as always!
The ESC Team hope you all will have fun!

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