Regolamento ESC Tavern Brawl
19 Gennaio 2020
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26 Gennaio 2020

Ruleset ESC Tavern Brawl

About the tournament:

ESC Gwent Tavern Brawl — “Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Link to battlefy: ESC Tavern Brawl

The tournament is organized by the ESC Card Gaming diviosion with the aim of incresing the popularity of Gwent: The witcher card game on the italian field and to allow new players to try partecipating in a tournament, in a friendly and kind environment.

The tournament is available to players from every nationality.

– The format of the tournament will be 1v1, best of 3, direct elmination

– The format of the games will be Conquest

– Every player will ban one of their opponent decks after banning through the pick and ban tool


1. Place: 1200 meteorite powder & 15 premium kegs
2. Place: 800 meteorite powder & 10 premium kegs
3. Place: 400 meteorite powder & 5 premium kegs


The discord server “ESC Card Gaming” is the main place where you can communicate directly with admins and players.

Discord “ESC Card Gaming”:


1. General rules:

1.1. Game:

  • The tournament is played on gog galaxy with every player inviting his opponent;

  • The tournament will be played only on PC; if you are a console player try contacting us since the CDPR might provide us PC accounts with the full collection just for the tournament, in such case it is important to have a PC which respects the requirements of the game.

  • Having the last patch installed is mandatory to partecipate in the tournament.

1.2. Admin (Organizators):


  • ESC SirLothian#4302

  • Movius#8965


  • Admins and moderators are disponible to help you in any situation;

  • You must respect admins and moderators;

  • In case of any doubt, the decision of the admins will be definitive.

1.3. Comunication:

  •   The discord server of “ESC Card Gaming” is the main place where you can comunicate directly with admins, moderators and other players.

            Server discord “ESC Card Gaming”:

  •    Comunications between players have to be done through private message on discord to avoid spam on the server; in addition you can use the channel #ESC-Gwent-Tavern-Brawl in the section ESC CG Tournaments on the discord server.

  •   For any doubt or question regarding the ruleset, the organization or the management of the tournament ask directly to the admins reported above.i

1.4. Rewards:

1. Place: 1200 meteorite powder & 15 premium kegs
2. Place: 800 meteorite powder & 10 premium kegs
3. Place: 400 meteorite powder & 5 premium kegs

We remind you that:

  •    The prizes will be given at the end of the tournament.

  •    To receive the rewards ask to an admin of ESC providing him you gog email.

1.5. In-game settings and third part software:

  •    Any in-game setting is allowed.

  •    Any deck tracker is allowed.

1.6. Streams and recordings:

  •    Every player is allowed to record and/or stream the tournament.

1.7. Forbidden cards:

  • There are no forbidden cards.

2. Terms & conditions:

2.1. Ruleset:

  •    Respect the ruleset, in case of any doubt the admins will have the last say. For any problem ask directly to an admin of ESC or to a moderator, they’ll try to answer and solve as quickly as possible.

2.2. Conditions and eligibility of the tournament:

  •    Every player must be present on the discord server of ESC Card Gaming during the tournament in case that the admins need to communicate with them.

  •   Players must be registered on the website hosting the tournament Battlefy.

  •    Use, if possible, the same nickname on both discord and battlefy in order to ease the communication and avoid any kind of confusion or delay.
    Players can change their nickname on discord in order to do so.
    The gog nickname can be different, the important is inform your opponent of your in-game nickname.

  •    It’s not mandatory, but we strongly suggest to take screenshot of each game won in order to avoid any kind of argument about the result..

  • Players have 10 minutes to challenge their opponent.

Every delay will be considered as a forfeit, if not justified.

  •    Only the players who will confirm the check-in will partecipate in the tournament.

(The check-in is different from the beginning of the tournament, it is a confirm of parteipation).

  •    Every player MUST do the check-in in order to partecipate.

The check-in starts one hour before the start of the tournament and ends with the start of it..

Nationality of the players: At the moment the tournament is open to players of every nationality.

ESC Card Gaming reserves itself the right to invite the winners as guests for future events.

2.3. Cheating:

  •    Players caught cheating/sabotating the game, other players and/or admins will be removed from the tournament and banned from every future event organized by ESC Card Gaming.

  •    Players not respecting the ruleset and/or caught in offensive actions will be removed from the tournament.

2.4. No-shows and Forfeits:

  •    If you register for the tournament but you can’t partecipate, please inform the admins.

  •    If you want to drop from the tournament please inform an admin.

  •    After 10 minutes from the start of the match, if you’re opponent didn’t show up you will achieve a 1 – 0.

  •    After 20 minutes from the start of the match, if you’re opponent didn’t show up you will achieve a 2 – 0.

  •    If you’re opponent doesn’t show up write 2 – 0 in the channel #ESC-Gwent-Tavern-Brawl in the section ESC CG Tournaments of the discord server and write #no-show.

2.5. Disconnections/problems with the PC:

  •    If a problem of any kind occurs the game will be replayed.

  •    In case of a disconnection the game will be replayed.

  •    If the problems persist inform and admin or a moderator.

2.6. Bugs & Glitches abuse:

  •    It’s forbidden to abuse of bugs and glitches, if caught doing so you’ll be banned permanently.

  •    If you think your opponent is abusing of bugs and/or glitches make a screenshot and report so to a moderator or admin.

3. Tournament “ESC Tavern Brawl“:

3.1. Tournament format:

  •   The format of the tournament is: Single elimination.

  •   The format of the matches is Conquest.

  •   When a player wins with a leader he can’t use it again, he has to win with every leader in order to achieve the victory.

  •   The format of the matches is Best of 3, that means you have to win 2 matches out of 3.

We expect fair play from ALL of the players..

  After declaring the leaders each player will ban one of the opponent ones through the pick and ban tool or by chat.


If the game end in a tie, the game will be replayed. 

If the tie persist, a 1-1 score will be assigned.

3.2. Deck Format and Match Format:

  •    Players will bring three deck from three different factions.

  •    Players must choose only one leader ability for each faction.

  •    Players will challenge their opponents in-game. To challenge your opponent you must first add him as a friend on gog galaxy.

3.3. Report dei risultati:

  •   Players can report their result directly on battlefy.

  •   Otherwise players can ask to an admin/moderator to report their results on Battlefy; to do so is enough to write the result on #ESC-Gwent-Tavern-Brawl in the discord server of ESC Card Gaming.

In this case the correct way of reporting the result is this:

  •   Report the number of the game;

  •   Report the result of that game writing also the name of the players.

  •   Once the game is finished, report the final result and the name of the winner.


– Game 1: (PlayerName1) 1 – 0 (PlayerName2)

– Game 2: (PlayerName1) 1 – 1 (PlayerName2)

– Game 3: (PlayerName1) 2 – 1 (PlayerName2)

– Winner: (PlayerName1) 2 – 1

  •   It’s possible to ask to an admin to fix a result if reported incorrectly, once more we suggest to take screenshots of the game in order to avoid any dispute.

4. Accepting ruleset, terms & conditions:

Signin-in for the tournament “ESC Tavern Brawl” every player accept the ruleset, the terms & conditions written in this document.
In the same way the organization ESC Card Gaming reserves itself the rght to modify any rule, obviously after warning.

5. Important links and how to contact us:



These informations are protected by copyright.

The content of this ruleset can’t be copied or utilized without the permission of ESC Card Gaming.

Good luck and have fun!

The ESC Card Gaming staff.

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