Regolamento Torneo Underdogs
6 Ottobre 2020
Mazzo Stagionale NG – Make Nilfgaard Great Again by Invictatop95
11 Ottobre 2020

Tournament ruleset Underdogs





October 11th: Italian community only

October 25th: Open to all




14:00 CET: check-in starts

15:00 CET: end of check-in and the tournament will begin few minutes later.


Requirements to participate:


In order to register, each player must enter the ESC discord server and register on the tournament challonge’s page, within one hour before the tournament takes place,  every single participant must be present on the ESC discord server at the time of the tournament, the non-presence in time will be considered as a leave.

The discord server will be used for all communications, both between players and moderators, so it is highly recommended to keep an eye on the chat during the tournament.

link to the server:

link to the tournament page:


Tournament format:


The tournament format will be a single elimination, meaning once a player is defeated he will be eliminated from the tournament.

The matches will be generated randomly and the link to the bracket will always be provided via discord just before the start of the tournament.


Match format:

The match format will be a best of 1, meaning each player will bring a deck, and the first player to win a match will be the winner.
Not being able to randomly decide the order of the coin, the player who will be at the highest spot in the bracket, will go first.

Once you finish your match report the result on the discord channel, an admin will report the result on challonge.


Special Rules:


Each faction has only one leader available:

Monsters – Carapace;

Northern Realms – Stockpile;

Scoia’tael – Invigorate;

Skellige – Onslaught;

Syndicate – Lined pockets;

Nilfgaard – Imprisonment.




  1. 1200 powder + 15 premium kegs

  2. 800 powder + 10 premium kegs

  3. 400 + 5 premium kegs.


For any doubts regarding the tournament, contact the organizer [ESC] Movius # 8965 on discord, or one of the moderators:

[ESC] Giordaniko # 1938

[ESC] Fritzdecat # 6835

Ghostbones # 9915


ESC wishes you lots of fun!


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